Welcome to Neat Drams

Several years ago I started collecting tasting notes and archiving whisk(e)y reviews I’d published on social media to a private blog for my own personal use.  In 2016 I launched Rare Bird 101, a blog dedicated to my all-time favorite American whiskey producer, Wild Turkey.  It remains my passion and my primary focus in regards to whiskey enthusiasm.  That said, I’m often asked if I enjoy any pours outside of Wild Turkey.  Of course!  And so the once-private blog originally intended as my own personal tasting archive is now open to the public.

Wild Turkey KSBW

I sincerely hope you enjoy this blog and my enthusiasm for quality pours.  When reading, please note that the reviews posted here are of my own opinion.  I am neither employed by nor affiliated with any spirits/beverage company.  Typically, the products reviewed are purchased with my own funds and the samples I review come from friends, family, and associates.  In the event I receive promotional samples from producers, I will make certain to note corresponding reviews as such.  I welcome your comments and hope you enjoy reading.  Thank you!

Rating Scale

My rating system is fairly straightforward utilizing the common American academic grading scale as follows:

A = Excellent/Outstanding
B = Good/Very Good
C = Acceptable/Average
D = Borderline Acceptable/Below Average
F = Unacceptable/Failure

Please note that my ratings and opinions, as with everyone’s, are completely subjective.  I do my best to provide honest thoughts with supportive reasoning.  Should you ever find my assessments questionable, please feel free to comment or contact me.  I’m always open and available for friendly discussion.


ABV – alcohol by volume
BiB – Bottled-in-Bond
KSBW – Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey
KSRW – Kentucky straight rye whiskey
NAS – non-age stated
NDP – non-distiller producer
SBS – “side-by-side” (used with comparisons)
SiB – single barrel
SmB – small batch


This blog is intended for readers of legal drinking age only. Please enjoy your beverages responsibly.